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Mopane Worms Enterprises (PBC)

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1479 Dziwarasekwa 3 Harare  Zimbabwe

                                         Mopane worm

The mopane worms season starts in December however we can only start selling in mid January. We strongly recommend you place your orders before the harvesting period starts. At present we can only produce 500 kg's of mopane worms. Please call or email sales on details below to place you orders.

                                         Our Repopulating services

For our repopulation services we strongly recommend you to get in touch well before the mopane worms season starts. We will need to assess the viability of the project and advice you accordingly.

For all your enquiries please email us at: enquiries@mopaneworm.com

If you want to buy any of our products email: sales@mopaneworm.com

You can contact the farm manager on : 00263774430345

The Sales Manager can be reached on : 00263777396098

1479 Dziwarasekwa 3 Harare  Zimbabwe