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Mopane Worms Enterprises (PBC)

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1479 Dziwarasekwa 3 Harare  Zimbabwe

Farming mopane worms can be more profitable than cattle ranching, tobacco farming or chicken farming.  In 2017, Forestry commission (Zimbabwe) estimated that Matabeleland south could earn US$500.000.00 from mopane worms. At present our business is the only company specialising in commercial farming of mopane worms.  If your are interested in farming mopane worms we will teach you how to become a successful farmer.  Once you finish doing your course you can venture into five areas which are, production of animal feed, farming mopane worms, running your own mopane retail shop, producing mopane worms seed (pupae) and Mopane worms agritourism.

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Mopane worms farming course

Repopulate Woodlands for Governments and Private Sector.

Just the same way tourist visit Africa to see wildlife, we see a new tourism industry arising around mopane worms.  There is a  big relationship between birds and mopane worms.  A lot of birds feed on these worm so Governments and private enterprises need to have a strategy to interconnect bird lover and  occurrence of mopane worms. A lot of bird lover travel to Africa from Europe, America and the rest of the world just to see birds. Tobacco is facing great competition from e-cigarettes so Governments need to start preparing to find another source of revenue and we think mopane worms are the solution to this problem. We can help you to populate national parks and private farm land so that you can start earning some cash.

Mopane worms for sale

Whether you own a hotels, restaurants, or Retail shops we would want to work with you. Majority of mopane worms on the informal market are poorly prepared and are always on the open exposed to unhygienic element. If you are an informal traders we can work with you and help you formulate a more hygienic way of selling your mopane worms. Tourist visiting Southern Africa are keen to try out mopane worms. When you buy our mopane worms we can assure you we cannot be beaten on quality and taste because our worms are left to fully mature before harvesting. Our worms are degutted,cleaned, cooked, dried and packed with our customers in mind.

Jackalberry & Mopane tree seeds and  Trees

Mopane worms can strip mopane woodland in day days.  It is vital to have a long term strategy about how you intent to feed your mopane worms. The right time to have planted a hectare of mopane trees was probably 15 years ago. If your trees were planted 15 years ago that means today your trees will be fully grown and ready to earn you $3500 per year. We say the right time to plant a tree is today because if you don’t  do it today you will regret when your neighbours are reaping the rewards of hard work. Once you have your hector of mopane tree it will secure a financial freedom for generations to come.  These trees can live for hundreds of years. Please order your seeds and start planting.

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Please use the e-mails in the footer to contact the farm manager who will be happy to help you with all your enquiries.  You can also use the mobile numbers on our contact us page to book your mopane worms training courses.

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